2017 Rate Card


All advertising copy must be in the Dragon Con office by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline day.

  • Progress Report Deadline: May 08, 2017
  • Program Book Deadline: July 10, 2017
  • Gaming Guidebook Deadline: July 24, 2017


Discounts available for multiple publication purchases!

Please fill out the form below when reserving ad space in any of Dragon Con’s publications. Completed forms should be emailed to dragoncon@dragoncon.org or printed and mailed along with payment to the address below.

2017 Advertising Application and Rate Information


Payment is required with ad copy, on or before each deadline. We accept checks, money orders, and all major credit cards in US dollars ($) only. In rare instances, we will invoice on a net 30 days post-publication basis, please make any request to be billed post-publication no later than 10 business days before the published deadline. If a request is made, and not approved, payment must be received by published deadline in order for ad to be placed. DO NOT SEND CASH. Please make all checks and money orders out to: Dragon Con. Please direct all billing inquiries to the Dragon Con office.

Please send all payments to the Dragon Con office:

By Mail:
Dragon Con
Attention: Advertising 2017
PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321-0459

By Phone: 404-669-0773


Deadline May 08, 2017 July 10, 2017 July 24, 2017
Business Card $150 Not Available $150
Quarter Page Not Available $450 Not Available
Half Page $250 $595 $250
Full Page $395 $1150 SOLD OUT $395
Interior Front Cover $595 SOLD $3895 SOLD $495 SOLD
Interior Back Cover $595 SOLD $3595 SOLD $450 SOLD
Exterior Back Cover Not Available $5595 SOLD $595 SOLD
Distribution 34,000 50,000 1,000 and available for download via our 2016 app
Trim Size
Business Card 2.25″w x 3.5″h OR
3.5″w x 2.25″h
Not Available 2.25″w x 3.5″h OR
3.5″w x 2.25″h
Quarter Page Not Available 3.9375″w x 5.1875″h OR 7.875″w x 2.5″h Not Available
Half Page 2.5″w x 8″h OR
5″w x 4″h
3.9375″w x 10.375″h OR 7.875″w x 5.1875″h 2.5″w x 8″h OR
5″w x 4″h
Full Page 5″w x 8″h 8.38″w x 10.88″h 5″w x 8″h
Interior Front Cover 6″w x 9″h 8.38″w x 10.88″h 5.5″w x 8.5″h
Interior Back Cover 6″w x 9″h 8.38″w x 10.88″h
Exterior Back Cover Not Available 8.38″w x 10.88″h
Bleeds Interior Covers and Full Page Program Book Ads: .25″; Interior Ads: No Bleeds
Live Area No live matter is to be within .25″ of the trim edges of the page dimensions unless it is acceptable to bleed that matter. Not responsible for “live” material in bleed/crop area.
Interior Ads Progress Report and Gaming Guide: Grayscale 300 dpi, or B&W, 133 line screen recommended (266 dpi), maximum density 280. Program Book: CMYK 300 dpi, or B&W, 133 line screen recommended (266 dpi), maximum density 280
Internal and External Covers CMYK 300 dpi CMYK 300 dpi Grayscale 300 dpi, or B&W, 133 line screen recommended (266 dpi), maximum density 280
File Type TIF or PDF format ONLY


Advertisers may email their ads to advertising@dragoncon.org, or use our Drop Box. For instructions on using our Drop Box account, please click here. NOTE: you will need a login and password which you may get by requesting it from Advertising or the Dragon Con office.

To guarantee color accuracy in color ads, we must receive a color proof. Color proofs can be mailed to the Dragon Con Office, Attn: Advertising 2016, PO Box 16459, Atlanta, GA 30321-0459.


  • ERRORS: The publisher is not responsible for errors resulting from illegible or incorrectly submitted copy. The publisher’s liability for any error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by that error. No credit will be issued for errors in ads or changes in ad copy after published deadline.
  • RETURN PRIVILEGE: Except as otherwise specified in any ad, an advertiser must accept the return of any merchandise postmarked within 10 days of its receipt by a customer when returned in the same condition as received.
  • P.O. BOX ADS are allowed, but the permanent home address or place of business of the advertiser must be filed with the publisher before advertisements may be printed.
  • POLICY: Dragon Con reserves the right to keep this publication strictly industry-oriented. The publisher may refuse ads which do not relate to the sci-fi/fantasy community. Dragon Con assumes no responsibility for misprints or claims and actions by advertisers. All rates contained in this rate card are subject to change without notice.
  • PHONE ADS: Ad copy or changes to ad copy are not accepted over the phone. (Besides being expensive and time-consuming, errors in the ad copy tend to occur when dictation is taken over the phone.)
  • PREPRINTED INSERTS are not available in Dragon Con publications at this time.
  • DESIGN SERVICES are not available at this time.
  • RETURNING ARTWORK: When artwork, CDs or photos are requested to be returned, please specify at time of placement, and enclose a SASE capable of containing your materials with your request, otherwise all material will be recycled.
  • ADVERTISING AGENCIES: There are no special discounts granted for ad agencies.
  • CAMERA-READY ads do not qualify for any additional discount.
  • PLACEMENT: Advertisers are urged to specify the classification location for their ad(s). The publisher will have final authority on placement of ads. Requests should be made in writing. Placement not guaranteed.
  • REPUBLISHING RIGHTS: As a condition of advertising in a Dragon Con publication, Dragon Con retains the right to republish all material submitted for advertisements in whatever manner it chooses.

All advertisers are responsible for understanding and following our standard advertising policies.